Friday, April 27, 2012

Gettin' Sassy at Cowgirl Cash

Four months into working at Cowgirl Cash it is clear that this store has sass and that sass rubs off on those who come through the doors.  This is the good sass that makes people feel fun, cool, and bad ass. 

I never would have picked up on it as a customer because it’s subtle.  As a customer you see a beautiful store that is a mix between a country home and a quirky boutique.  As a salesperson, I see the shift in attitude and confidence when someone purchases something they love.   When it comes to boots both men and women have a similar reaction.  They get a smile and remark “oh no, it fits perfectly”.  My guess is that the “oh no” is result of one of these two thoughts:

1)   “Ah, I don’t need another pair of boots but I love these.”
2)   “These are awesome but I don’t know if I can I pull them off?”  (Literally and figuratively)

The first remark is from someone who owns cowgirl boots and knows how sexy they look with jeans and how confident they make you feel.  The second remark is from someone who has never owned cowgirl boots or hasn’t owned them since he/she were a kid and they are wondering whether they will ever actually take them out of the closet and onto the town.  Both groups of people are experiencing the Cowgirl Cash sassiness rubbing off on them.  They feel a little tougher and pretty damn good about how they look. 

Seeing that happiness is my favorite part of working at Cowgirl Cash.  Rebecca picks products she feels proud to sell and people walk out knowing that they got a gem.  Remember back to when you last got something you loved from the store?  Remember how excited you were to wear/use this item?  Well, I get to see that excitement over and over again and that rubs off on me.   Simply, I am way sassier that I was five months ago. 

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