Monday, May 21, 2012

Cowgirl Goes Down

I love the title of my blog. "my store, my stories". It gives me the freedom to turn this space into my musings. My store is a reflection of my life and values important to me. 

Anyway, this post is about a sports injury.

In high school my sport was tennis. I was a member of the state championship tennis team in both 1984 and 1985. I wasn't a star, but I was on the team and did my part to earn the banners and the trophies that I love to to see when I visit Bend High for my freshman daughters activities.

So this was my summer to get myself back into tennis. Yesterday during a fast, fun, and furious lesson I tore something in my calf. I've been through this before. I think I know the diagnosis before my appointment. My husband had a similar injury 4 years ago. Maybe surgery, crutches, no weight on my left leg for weeks.

The incredible thing about this injury is I'm not in a lot of pain. Yes it's tender, yes it's wierd having my tendon bulging from the back of my calf, but I'm not taking anything for pain so therefore I'm not on the couch in a drug induced coma. I'm on the couch, but I'm clear, I'm reflective, I'm surprisingly calm. 

I've been going at hyper speed for months. Spending money I shouldn't spend. Planning trips, inventing needs, running, yoga, skiing,laundry, cooking... all with a back that hurts all of the time. Enough. Now I'm forced to sit down and let my family take on some new responsibilities of cooking, cleaning, shopping. My store is stocked and ready for summer and staffed with two of the cutest most capable employees one could hope for. I also have a willing and capable mom and daughter.

I'm going to embrace this time of my life. (it will be brief) and do some delegation. This morning after I reminded my husband to water the hanging baskets and my daughter to check the dog water and the chickens' water, my son says, "we've got a lot of living creatures around here that need water". That's right Teddy, get ready to learn them all.

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