Thursday, April 19, 2012

Cowgirl Cash loves cute chicks.

Raising backyard chickens has been a fascination of mine for 10 years. When I moved back to Bend in 2003, I decided that was my year. We got the chicks, raised them all summer, and enjoyed their quirky ways. We were irresponsible and clueless chicken owners, trying to learn as we went. The chickens roosted in the pines in our backyard. When Fall came we used chicken wire and converted an old dog run into a coop. The first night raccoons got in and ate our chickens.

We're in a different house now and that memory has faded enough to allow us to try again. Our yard is boring and small, but nicely fenced. Our children are older and in need of a farm experience.

Cowgirl Cash has sponsored the Coop Tour and many of our customers raise backyard chicks. A customer told me about an old coop in need of work I could have for free. Soon after a contractor told me one night during art walk, that he was building custom coops. I had put my intentions to the universe and the timing was right. The Charlton's were getting chicks.

We have a Dominique, a Buff Brahma, and a Partridge Rock, all from High Desert Ranch and Home. Dominique, Claire, and Ruby seem happy in their cozy coop, complete with floor to ceiling windows. We are looking forward to eggs at the end of summer.

My custom "up-cycled" coop.

Clyde is still adjusting to the girls.

The paned doors open for cleaning, feeding, and egg gathering.

The best feature is I can see the chicks playing in the coop from my kitchen window.

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