Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Coming out of hibernation at Cowgirl Cash

I took a road trip to the Valley on Monday.  A quick trip with the purpose of getting the raw honey I love to carry in the store, and a chance to pick up some "goods".  I sometimes wonder how I came to own a Western Store.  I don't think it often, just when someone refers to Cowgirl Cash as a Western Shop.  I think of Cowgirl Cash as a Western Lifestyle store.  A place to buy a cool pair of authentic boots with a story to tell, or a buckle to add a little personality to your outfit. The store has evolved into me having the opportunity to buy quality items at a deeply discounted second hand price and share that value with my customers.

My point is that my entire working career has lead me to this store.  It really didn't just happen on accident.  I had this realization as I was driving south on I-5 after a nice score at one of my favorite Salem haunts.  I found a Droll Designs platter.  Not everyone appreciates Droll Designs.  I however worked at TWIST in Portland and lusted after all that was Droll.  To this day my family uses a butter dish that I actually had on layaway.  Yes it's a $60 butter dish.  My time working at Skeie's jewelers in Eugene prompted my love of Rolex...(there is a ladies 2-tone at Cowgirl Cash currently) and Paul Revere bowls.  My time at Neiman Marcus in Boston educated me on Prada, Elizabeth Locke jewelry, and many things gorgeous.  Working for NIKE in the Retail division taught me the basics of merchandising.  I followed up my time at NIKE with 2 years at TWIST, an American Craft Gallery that introduced me to young artists and designers with enduring style.  Before launching Cowgirl Cash, I was a residential realtor, and learned the importance of presenting used goods in perfect condition.

It's a nice realization that I wasn't unprepared when I decided to launch a Western Vintage Boutique.  My life experiences have prepared me quite well, and the good news is, the learning and growing is far from over.

With that said, Cowgirl Cash has officially come out of hibernation, and we are now (despite the weather) expanding to Spring hours.  From now until Dec.31 we are open 7 days a week.  Monday-Saturday 11-6
and Sundays 12-4. Come visit us and remind your friends visiting Bend, that Cowgirl Cash is one of the top 10 things to do in Bend.

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