Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The getting of the '63 Shasta

I was long over due for a trip away with girl friends.  So when a card playing weekend to Summer Lake hotsprings came up again at the end of one evening of "pitch" playing, I was inspired to get my phone and call up Duane at Summer Lake Hotsprings. Sure enough, at 10 pm Duane answers the phone and I'm able to book the "ranch house" for 2 nights (Sun-Tues) the second week of November.

Right before the trip my parents tell me they've purchased a 1963 Shasta trailer.  A 49 year old "canned ham with wings" my dad excitedly tells me.  The problem...it's parked next to the grange hall in New Pine Creek, OR. 189 miles SE of Bend on the Oregon-California border.  My parents are in Arizona. Well, I say, "I do have a trip to Summer Lake planned, maybe I can tie it in".  A little sweet talking to my husband, a little ditching of my children, and we have a plan.  Scott and I will take two cars to Summer Lake, leave one at the hot springs, and drive our trailer towing rig to New Pine Creek, pick up the trailer and head back to Summer Lake. Nearly 400 miles of driving for Scott, and a novelty at the girls weekend for me and a place to escape if 7 girls in the "ranch house" is too much.

The trip went according to plan and after hours of card playing, hot tub soaking, and fun, the trailer made it back.  I didn't sleep in it.  It had no break downs, and the trailer was handed off to one of my dad's friends for storage.  Who knows what's in store for this old rv.  Here's some pictures to tie up this boring story. Sorry it's boring.....the girls weekend was not!

The end.

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