Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A visit to the Boot Barn

I had a free Saturday after Christmas and my sister in-law was visiting from Portland.  She was a willing explorer and so I set an itinerary of places I had heard about, but not yet seen.

First stop, the "swap meet" next to Grocery Outlet. A little of this, a little of that.  Most things I liked were priced at prices I would sell them at Cowgirl Cash.  I did buy 3 vintage dresses that will go on my soon to come "dress rounder".

Then we headed to Redmond.  I can't go through there without a stop at Goodwill.  Wall to wall people shopping the Saturday after Christmas...I guess they didn't get what they wanted.

Then we headed downtown.  Redmond is looking cute with the trucks off of the main street, the Historic Redmond arching sign and the new store fronts.
I had to visit my friend who owns Sam's Sweet Addictions.  She's the one who has the adorable cupcake cart parked near Cowgirl Cash occasionally.  Her shop is just as cute and the sandwiches and soup we had for lunch was perfect.
The next shop was The Back Porch and Company.  This shop was right out of a Country Living type magazine. Great old chandeliers, square dance crinolines, various antiques, and a line of drapey "gypsy chic" type clothing that sells for $250 a shirt.  It's so interesting to see what other shops sell!  From there we headed to a new "Cowgirl Consignment" store. This shop had lots of people and lots of apparel.  It's more for the real Redmond resident than for the person wanting Western Vintage.

Last stop on our shopping day.  The boot Barn in Bend in the old Spotted Mule location. Lots of hats, blingy shirts and jeans.... and boots. The boots were arranged by size. They had some pretty colorful inlay boots.  They carry Laredo, Dan Post and  Ariat.  I was surprised you could buy boots for $129.  The problem with these boots however, are the materials.  They were composite , with stiff leather, stitched on the soles, not rolled and pegged.

I left glad knowing we now have a big Western Wear store to check out.  I was also happy to confirm that I'm still the only shop in town with a selection of all leather, high quality, soft and ready to wear authentic boots for a great price.

Happy New Year!

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