Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Spring Cleaning

If you plan to use the upcoming rainy days to do some spring cleaning prior to summer break, keep Cowgirl Cash in mind.

Cowgirl Cash stands for....... I pay cash for good stuff.  Yes, I like vintage cowboy boots, but I like other treasures as well.  Bring me the items you are reluctant to put on Craig's list or out in your garage sale.  You know, the good expensive stuff.

I pay 1/3 of what I retail something for.  This is generally more than what most garage salers are willing to pay.  Here's a list of what I buy.  I'm particular, but I may surprise you.

1. Leather boots. I like them made in the USA by good boot makers.  I'll take them in most any condition.  The high quality boots can, and deserved to be repaired.  I'll do it.

2. Pearl snap shirts. Cute, stain and rip free.

3. Turquoise jewelry. My gemology skills and my love of turquoise makes me sucker for buying native American jewelry.

4. GOLD.  Don't know whether it's real or not?  I can test and evaluate your jewelry and offer you fair market prices. I can also buy the cute miscellaneous earrings, bracelets, and necklaces you are no longer wearing.

5. Vintage glass wear.  The good old stuff evokes memories of grandmas house and feels so good in your hand.

6. Maybe it's the rain, or maybe I lived in Portland too long, but I also love anything with a bird on it.  Is it pretty, practical, unique?

7. Sweet Summer dresses.  They need to be in perfect condition and look great with boots. I pay $10 each.

8. Western cut jackets, vests, overcoats.  We all have too many coats in our closet.  Bring me the one you splurged on, but have only worn twice.

9. Beautiful buckles.  I sell the snap belts to give your old buckle a new look or a new home.

I work hard to pre-screen vintage and pre-loved items to create a store filled with Western living essentials. We all need a little retail therapy and this kind of shopping and swapping is guilt free and green.

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