Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Why you should care that gold is at $1605 an ounce.

I'm sure that there are economic reasons you should care about the price of gold, but I'm referring to your bottom line today.  Many women and men have full jewelry boxes.  Jewelry you have received as gifts, the jewelry you inherited that you don't wear.  The "stuff" that blocks the view and the access to the jewelry that you do adore.  I love jewelry.  I love how jewelry makes me feel, look, and "remember".  The jewelry I received when my kids were born.  The special pieces I remember my mother in law wearing.  The gifts from friends and family, and the pieces I splurged on for myself.

But many of us have over-run jewelry boxes with broken pieces, single earrings and some pieces that hold bad memories.  This is where Cowgirl Cash can help.  For no charge, I will go through the box with you.  Pull out the real gold, evaluate the valuable from the clutter and offer you a fair price based on the current price of gold, and silver and resale value.  My background includes six months at the Gemological Institute of America, studying and evaluating diamonds and colored stones eight hours a day. That's why my business card says Graduate Gemologist.

Bringing in the jewelry you don't wear, and don't feel a strongly about prior to an upcoming vacation is like found money. Try it, I guarantee you'll like it.

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