Sunday, May 8, 2011

Chicken Coops in Bend

I loved the few chicken coops I was able to hit on Saturday as part of the 2nd annual Bend Coop Tour.  Thanks to all who opened their yards and shared their knowledge with the rest of us who wonder
"could I raise backyard chickens".

 Two neighbors share insight and "babysit" each others coops.

 A coop made from salvaged parts.

 Meet "Betty"
 This coop owner loves Eli Halpin art from Cowgirl Cash!
A beautiful Custom Coop.

 You never know which neighbors might have chickens.
 This chartreuse coop was really special.

 These coop owners made a great poster with a timeline and details for us novices.

I left inspired.  Now to convince my husband and my landlord....

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