Monday, January 3, 2011

Rebecca's Faves

I used to do a January "faves" list.  It started because I was bored with my regular real estate faves.  Today however, as I was reveling in my good life and enjoying fave number 1...don't peek, I was inspired to list my top 10 current faves.

10. A Winter Hike at Horse Ridge. I had recently read about the trail head opening at Horse Ridge.  We had friends in town and needed an outside activity for everyone.  We drove east on highway 20 and left the clouds and the crowds behind. Gorgeous. Inspiring.  Slightly Challenging.  Perfect.

9. The same weekend we took our friends to the hot pool at McMennamins. I was surprised how few people we had to share it with, how cheap it was ($5 each), and how lovely the tile of St Frances and the animals are.  I had been there before, but it was better the second time.

8. Juniper Swim and Fitness Center.  Every time I leave this place after a pilates class, a yoga class, or a nice swim, I feel lucky to live in Bend, and have such a facility.

7. CE Lovejoy's in the Brookswood Market.  This is a fantastic market. It is just the right size with a great selection of local products. The overall grocery bill seems reasonable because they round out their selection with other affordable brands.  The first time there, the butcher came out and offered to custom cut any meat for me!

6. Visit Bend/ Downtown Bend Association. These two groups led by Doug LaPlaca and Chuck Arnold are fantastic.  It's no accident we have world class events in Bend and that downtown is clean, bustling, and has a low vacancy rate despite the economy. Thank you!

5. J.C.'s. I know 10 Barrel is hip and cool and gorgeous, but why go there when you can have a great burger and fries, delicious beer, and play giant Jenga and shuffleboard?

4. Massage Envy. Not just Massage Envy: Martha. As I get older I justify different things.  Massage is new on my list and I love it. I'm in a contract, and I'm committed to one message a month. It's a real treat.(ask for Martha)

3. Joolz.  Happy Hour every night, all night when you sit at the bar.  That's where I like to sit anyway! The food, cocktails, people, and atmosphere are great.

2. Cowgirl Cash on First Friday.  This is always a fun, festive night at my store.  I get to work with my husband, my daughter, my son, and sometimes my mom.  We serve good local beer in mason jars so people stay awhile longer, talk, try on cool boots or vintage western hats and have fun.

1.  Wanoga with Clyde.  Skate skiing with your dog almost sounds unheard of, but outside of Bend, OR. you can do it.  Volunteers groom the loops.  The trails aren't perfect corduroy, but when I'm out there I feel stronger, happier, and more content than almost any other place. And you should see the smile on my dog.

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