Thursday, November 11, 2010

My Latest Crush.

Vintage inspired Ceramic Travel Trailer Lanterns, you’ve got to see them to believe them. They are fantastic!

With all of their fantastic details, windows, doors, bumpers, taillights, wheels and more Ceramic Artist, Corrine Vegter, Raku fires at 1825 degrees Fahrenheit in an outdoor gas kiln. She and husband Brian remove the trailers from the kiln dressed head to toe in protective gear. They use custom made tongs to place the trailers in a bathtub filled with sand on a layer of cardboard. The cardboard bursts into flames, and as the trailer burns the colors and the personality of each appear. After they cool, Corrine adds cloth window coverings and outfits the trailer with a snap in light, that when on, allows the vintage trailer to glow and shine as an amazing piece of art.

The latest artist at Cowgirl Cash is Corrine Vetger. Corrine and her husband Brian live in Baker City, OR. I had been following Brian’s work for a few years. He does colorful, whimsical, personality filled, custom dog portraits. I’ve always wanted one of my dog Clyde. When I contacted Brian 1 year ago, he told me he would be in town with his wife Corrine, and her pottery. He thought based on the description of Cowgirl Cash, that I may like her work as well. I loved it instantly but didn’t see exactly how it fit into my Western Vintage Boutique. However, just recently, as I was having my own vintage trailer painted, and in the midst of joining Sisters on the Fly, and organizing old RV’s to partake in the November artwalk, I contacted Corrine. Her art is better than ever, and more fitting to the vibe of the more mature Cowgirl Cash.

Enjoy the shots of my current Corrine Vetger works and see more on the Dusty Dog

Did I mention the mugs?

$20 at Cowgirl Cash

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