Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Hang onto your pants...in style.

I wear one everyday.  To me it's like selecting jewelry.  It coordinates, it conveys the vibe of the day, and I certainly don't want one like everyone else...yep, I love belt buckles.  I attract special buckles.  They find me.  They often come in multiples, and for great prices that I can pass along.  Check out the latest at Cowgirl Cash...
 Crumrine Horse head buckle.  Gorgeous. $40
 Free spirit made in USA vintage eagle buckle $25
 Sterling Diablo buckle $60

 Glitzy Let er Buck buckle. $30.  Wouldn't this be great paired with rodeo tickets for a gift?
 Interesting trophy buckle from B-K. $60
 Turquoise, coral, a charming horse head...$50
Sterling VOGT buckle. $60 
 Very, old, unique, charming.  Know someone like that? $40
 I love the 70's charm of this old buckle. $25
 Our Lady of Guadalupe. $72
 Lovely Crumrine buckle.  "C"  $50
 I love the shape and sentiment if this charming Montana Silversmith buckle. $30
 The old chief...$30
 Small vintage collectors buckle.  A personal favorite. $100
 A small scaled "M".  The perfect size. $30
Lovely brass flower.  Petite, subtle, beautiful. $25

These buckles pair well with distressed brown and black snap belts  $20 at Cowgirl Cash. We also carry a selection of vintage straps.

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