Friday, November 19, 2010

The art of the "little" something

The party circuit is beginning.  I get tired just thinking of it, but I do love the merriment of this time of year.  Work parties, house warmings, cookie exchanges, family gatherings...  It's always nice to have a stash of "hostess" gifts, or last minute treasures to give.  Something meaningful, not too expensive, different, and thoughtful.  I've put together a small list.  Stay tuned for more.

 This is a signed sugar ad creamer.  It's hand thrown, very simple, practical, beautiful and "Bend" like. $20
 I'm in to storage tins lately.  Buying in bulk allows me to buy only what I need and I can get local products. I also save money and go through less packaging.  A pantry filled with vintage tins and well marked jars makes me happy. $12
 Wait, I have more. The big one says "This and That" $12
 Vintage flour tin. $12
 Nothing says you're sweet and stay healthy like raw fresh honey from Oregon. $7
 Handmade sassy flasks.  Women love these.  Even if it's for show or to use once a year. $25

 Quail.  I love their coveys, their babies, their conversations...$12
 International Silver gravy boat.  Old, cool, timeless...bring the gravy and the boat. $15

I love these little cups.  Hand painted sweetness.  Just a little shot of espresso or chocolate with a friend. $6 each includes the little plate.

Need more ideas?  See my previous post on buckles.

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