Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tuesday "Market"

I love Monday's and Tuesday's.  I clean, merchandise, price and "go to market" as I affectionately call it.  I'm not in LA, New York, or Denver.  Today I was in Redmond.

Take a look.
I'm crazy about this teapot.  The details are beautiful and so wonderfully functional.

 If you look at the lid closely you can see the little mechanism that allows the tea basket to attach.
 Here's a shot of all three of the pieces.
The markings on the bottom say the pot was made in New England, Conn.
Available now at Cowgirl Cash for $30.

 Vintage Acme boots in a Men's 9. They would also fit a Women's 10. I'm debating whether to have them professionally polished. They have a great patina and sheen right now. $85.

Canadian made bolo and a vintage horse buckle.  I think it's a Chambers from Arizona.
bolo $12  buckle $20

Little girls fleece.  Perfect.  Can you see the silver heart buttons?  $15
 Dan Post boots with inlay.  Ladies 8.5
The tag from a men's vintage sweater.  I swear it looks like something President Regan would have worn around his ranch.  The sweater itself is really cool. $35 at Cowgirl Cash.

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