Sunday, June 3, 2012

Cowgirl Cash visits the Wild Horse Corrals

I'm still nursing a calf injury so instead of a family hike or bike ride, we took a road trip.  Destination: BLM Wild Horse Facility outside of Burns, OR.  Find Hwy 20 East and drive 2 hours. This weekend was a Mustang Adoption event.  We really didn't know what we would find at the end of the drive. We spotted the mustang statue off the road and turned at the BLM sign.  I was hoping there would still be mustangs left to see...

We got our first sight of corrals and horses.  Yes there were still some left.  We later learned that there are over 450 mustangs to adopt. They come from:
Paisley Desert
Beaty's Butte
South Steens
Palomino Buttes
Sand Springs
Big Summit
Murderers Creek
Warm Springs
and the area made famous by the movie Spirit. Kiger.

We did what most people do, (especially city slickers in a volvo) and took the driving tour.  I suggest stopping at the office before the tour.  We drove the loop twice because we were better informed with the maps provided that clearly outlined each pen and what horses were in each one.  One year old fillies, 3 year old mares, 2 year old geldings etc...

The horses were amazingly healthy looking.  I guess I expected half starved and mangy wild horses struggling to find food.  But many of these horses have been at the facility for 3-4 years and look healthy and  happy.  Tara at the office said that's a sign that they are doing their job.

 Of course the moms and babies got me out of the car.  I snapped this shot and soon discovered there were two!

If you are in the market for a beautiful horse that is a true product of the Wild West, there are plenty to choose from.  They cost $125  and during the adoption weekend they will deliver. There is a screening form to fill out.  Wild mustangs have special needs like higher fencing.  You forget that these gorgeous horses are wild until you approach the fence.  They run.

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