Monday, May 21, 2012

Top 10 things to do in Bend,OR.

The official start of summer is next weekend...Memorial Day.  These are the  "Top 10 things to do in Bend,OR"...according to Cowgirl Cash.
These are not in any special order.

1. Eat outside. The bugs in Bend are not an issue.  We are fortunate to have dry weather and cold nights.  The outdoor tables at 900 Wall are perfect for great people watching.  Bring a sweater.  The nights are still cold in summer.

2. Take a day trip to South Twin Lake.  We have numerous options for high mountain lakes, but South Twin Lake and Resort still feels like it did in the early 1970's.  Photos of fish on the bulletin board, dreamcicles, grape pop, boat rentals.  No big motors are allowed on this lake so it remains peaceful.  There is a beautiful path all of the way around the lake.  It will take you an hour to get there.  Bring a suit and a blanket and a cooler...maybe a book.

3. I'm not a big golfer, but a top 10 list about what to do in Bend, OR during the summer, that leaves off golf is remiss.  The Old Back Nine is a gorgeous 9 hole course with greens and fairways that rival the finest courses in town and it's only $22.  I just saved you money and 2 hours!

4. A river rafting trip with Sun Country Tours.  This can be done in a few hours on the upper Deschutes near the Inn of the 7th Mountain or as a huge day extravaganza near Maupin.  Both will get you wet and will give the whole family a thrill.

5. The really adventurous should hike South Sister.  This climb up one of the Cascade peaks is not for the ill prepared or the out of shape.  However, fancy climbing gear and expensive permits are also not needed. The best way to do South Sister is to pack in with a friend.  Leave your tent, pads, sleeping bags and evening meal near Moraine Lake and head to the summit.  Have dinner and spend the night at Moraine Lake and watch the sun set over the Cascades.  Pure Bliss.

6. No matter what you do in Bend, you'll need a great breakfast out.  Don't miss McKay Cottage.  It's kind of off the beaten path on Bend's north end.  However it's no secret, so expect a line.

7. Plan a day Downtown Bend perusing the boutiques.  Stop by At the Beach for a new swimming suit.  The owner is an aspiring resort wear designer with a new line she recently launched with a fellow bend swimsuit designer.

8. While you're downtown Bend, find Cowgirl Cash.  This Western Vintage Boutique has a great selection of beautiful vintage boots.  These boots are for wearing. They are beautiful, quality, green, unique, and authentic. This shop is not just for girls.  It's called Cowgirl Cash because we pay cash for great pre-owned stuff. Dresses, leather bags, jewelry, buckles, flasks, pearl snap shirts, hats, market baskets....consider hitting Cowgirl Cash on Wednesday afternoon....(see number 9)

9. The Wednesday Farmers Market.  Starting in June, the Farmers Market will be back in Downtown Bend. This year the stalls will set up down Brooks St...behind Cowgirl Cash.  Come get your picnic treats!

10. Float the Deschutes River like a local.  Buy a cheap air mattress at Bi-Mart.  Park at River Bend Park, slather up with sunscreen and have some good cheap fun.

The cyclists are going to be unhappy with my lack of trail options on the top 10 list.  Bring a bike and ride it everywhere!

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