Monday, October 3, 2011

First Buck entered at Cowgirl Cash

Why do I hold a contest for women who kill deer?  If you've ever met a woman hunter they are tough, calm, capable, outdoorswomen who love an adventure and love to tell a story.  Meet Haley Rager a sophomore at Willamette highschool in Eugene.  She's been hunting since she was 9.  She was with her dad, her grandpa, and her grandpas three friends in the Interstate unit near Lakeview , Oregon.

She was the only one with a tag and she did not dissapoint her party.

Haley shot this buck with a T measure of 41 using a Remington 7mm 08.  Click this link to hear Haley's big buck story.

Click here to listen to Haleys story.

p.s. Any suggestions on how to link an audio file in a less cumbersome way would be appreciated.

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