Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Why buy Vintage?

Many people may not need any coaxing to buy someone elses used stuff.  Others however, may be leary of anothers discarded item.  At Cowgirl Cash we sell apparel, glassware, jewelry...all pre-loved. But for my argument today, I'm focusing on vintage boots.

Quality: 30 years ago a higher number of goods were made in the USA. Boots were made with a higher quality of leather, by a bootmaker, who paid attention to the details.  The boots were made to be be repaired if needed, not thrown away.

Style: Personally, I don't like to dress like everyone else, and I assume others don't either.  It's fun to have a unique item that people ask about, comment on, and compliment on.

Sustainability: Call this what you want.  Being Green, Loving Mother Earth, Being a Tree Hugger, whatever the term, buying secondhand doesn't take any natural resources to produce (the second time around).  New can be nice, but there are plenty of goods around that have lots of life and beauty left in them that will reduce our impact on the enviornment.

Lower Priced: As more demand is created, a low price may no longer be a reason to buy vintage, but for now, at Cowgirl Cash, boots of the quality we sell are a real bargain to a comparable "new" boot.


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