Monday, March 14, 2011

Who is Cowgirl Ca$h?

Who is Cowgirl Cash?  We know Cowgirl Cash is a Western Vintage Boutique in downtown Bend, Oregon that pays cash for good used stuff; but Cowgirl Cash....she's like Johnny Cash, but more. She's like no one you've met, but similar to someone you know. She embodies all that is exciting, heroic, and good.

She's honest, hardworking, and healthy.  She's at home in the outdoors, but adapts to all situations.  She's thoughtful, but fearless, listens well, but speaks her mind.  She lives simply, but appreciates beauty, quality, value, and rich experiences. She is a nurturer and loves her friends, family, and all living things.

Cowgirl Cash can ride. 

Cowgirl Cash is open minded and strives to feed her mind, body, and soul a good diet of healthy food, great music, and wonderful books. This woman can grow a garden, catch a fish, shoot a deer, raise chickens, and then turn it into a beautiful meal meant to be shared.

Cowgirl Cash is not perfect, (and I have no idea what she does for a living) and despite her enviable traits, she does make mistakes. She can be too opinionated, talk too loud, drink too much, eat too many desserts, and pout when she loses. But, overall this Cowgirl strives to be fair, honest, and kind.

Come check out the store that strives to embody her the next time you're in Bend,OR.
Cowgirl Cash

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