Friday, March 18, 2011

Include a Rodeo in your summer plans

It's the time of year where I start planning for summer.  Help at the store, family trips, camp for the kids, and fun summer activities.  The Sisters Rodeo is always on our radar and my mom helps the kids cook or sew entries for the Deschutes County Fair.  I've compiled a list of local rodeos that might ad a bit of spice to your summer or help you plan your trip to Bend.  I've included Chief Joseph Days on the list because we planned our summer trip to the Wallowas around this event.

June 11-13 Sisters Rodeo Known as the Biggest Little show in the world, the 71st Sisters rodeo is as sure to be as fun as the last 70 years.  Big names, great music, and a fun crowd.

June 25-27 Crooked River Round-up  This rodeo in Prineville is true blue and a blast. The horse races are also fun.  They are a separate event and take place July 13-16.

July 2-4 LaPine Rodeo There are many rodeos around Oregon during the 4th of July weekend.  The closest for Central Oregonians is the LaPine rodeo.  This rodeo is in it's infancy and appreciates all attendees.

July 27-30 Chief Joseph Days I'm very excited to attend this rodeo for the fist time.  It's supposed to be action packed with loyal fans, crazy cowboys, beautiful princesses, and a fantastic setting.

July 29-Aug 2 Deschutes County Rodeo This is the rodeo I grew up going to.  The parade that my grandpa was always in, the pancake breakfast, the rides, and the rodeo.  You can't be late, because you don't want to miss those rodeo princesses riding in at break neck speed! I am a member of the Deschutes County Fair Board.  It's a position my daughter and I inherited from my grandparents.  We don't do much but attend one meeting a year.  Honestly, this web site is a disappointment to me.  It's all about the rides, and not enough about the 4-H, the live stock and the rodeo.  I know that participants in the fair love coming to the Deschutes County Fairgrounds in Redmond.  Everything is new, clean, nice.  But I miss the old location where Fred Meyer is now...

September 15-18 The Pendleton Round-Up The grand daddy of them all! 2010 was the 100 year celebration of the Pendleton Round-Up and my sources say it did not disappoint!  This is one to put on your list.  It's on mine.

To help you be a better, more informed spectator, Cowgirl Cash is offering a noon class as part of the Cowgirl Cash Good Living Series.  Rodeo Know How taught by Cowboy Mark Gage will be held Wed. June 8.  Free!

For a full list of Oregon Rodeos check out this site

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