Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Music and Cowgirl Cash

Any shopper at Cowgirl Cash knows I always have music on.  I love music, and I have my favorites, but I pride myself in being open to new bands, and honoring the timeless oldies.  As one would expect I like my music authentic, practical and beautiful...
Here's a playlist I came up with that summarizes music from the store and music from my life.  I titled it
"Music we loved in 2010".  My family and close friends have received versions of this in the past.  aka, the Charlton's Christmas present.

1. Avett Brothers: I and Love and You
I bought this album a year ago at a Starbucks in Eugene.  A friend and music lover shared the name of the band with me and I'd been meaning to buy it.  I love buying my music when I'm on a road trip.  What a great time to put it in and really listen.

2. Brandi CarlileThat year.
The first time I left Cowgirl Cash with an employee and took a vacation was mid-March 2010.  Kathlyne who still runs the store beautifully when I'm gone called.  "Do you know who Brandi Carlile is" she asked?  I'm ashamed to say my answer was "no".  "Well she's playing at the Tower tonight, and she and her band were just shopping in here for over an hour.  They bought all kinds of stuff!"  I immediately went out, bought her music, and have been a crazy fan ever sense.

3. Band of Horses: Cease to Begin
I checked out this Band because of their name and the fact they were coming to Bend.  What a fun (cold) show!

4. Jerry Jeff Walker: LA Freeway
A classic, timeless, feel good artist. Even Brooks and Dunn sings about him.

5. Ray LaMontagne: Repo Man
I learned to love Ray LaMontagne from the same friend who turned me on to Eli Halpin art.  To see him live is an unbelievable treat.

6. Zac Brown: Jolene
I love the looks and attitude of this new guy on the Country scene.  Jolene is a Ray LaMontagne song.

7. Taylor Swift: Enchanted.
My daughter Luci has turned me into a Taylor Swift fan.  I think she is a true talent with a genius manager.  The new album was released Oct. 26, and Luci was ready.  She knows who each song is about and every word.

8. Robert Earl Keen: The Road Goes on Forever and the Party Never Ends
My friend is a big REK fan and I've been converted. 

His shows are not to be missed! This was one "hot" show

9. The Black Eyed Peas: The Time
The first time I heard this song on the radio I was with my kids.  They were saying... "listen, we love this song"....then my 11 year old stared at me in disbelief as I sang every word.  They had no idea the song was a remake from the 80's.  Who didn't see Dirty Dancing?

10. Eminem and Rhianna: Love the Way you Lie
Eminem is timeless.  Who knew? This is a great song and another favorite of both my kids.

11. Nelly: Just a Dream
This may be one of the most over played songs on the radio right now.  Every time I drive Teddy to school, and each time I pick him up we hear it.  I love how we both like it and love to turn it up!

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