Monday, November 29, 2010

Cowgirl Cash Market Monday

To market to market.  Today I stayed even closer to home.  Bend, on a Monday holds many treasures.  The following is a sample of what I found for Cowgirl Cash. Come see what else this vintage boot store sells.  Our regular hours are Wed-Sat 11-6, However... this Sunday, and every Sunday until Christmas we are open 12-4.

The Goods...
 This is a handpainted vase with the markings BHD on the bottom.  I'm a sucker for colorful, handmade nature motif items, especially when they are a vase. $20

This creamy yellow teapot is beautiful and simple.  It would make a thoughtful gift paired with some looseleaf tea.  The pot is made in China, but designed by Designpac Inc. in Melrose Park, Il. $20

This is a vintage ice bucket with the coolest SW "cork" inlay pattern.  It works great as an ice bucket as intended, but my friend the gardener suggests they make great compost bins.  Throw your veggie scraps, banana peels, and coffee grinds in this retro bin that sits stylishly on your counter top and then take it to the outside composter.  Upcycling baby...$15

Fuzzy, furry, beaded, baby moccasins, $15.

Vintage, tooled, colorful, belt strap.  This strap has snaps so you can add your own cool buckle.  This is for your skinny friend...30 inches long. $35.

Bottle stopper.  A single di, one of a pair of dice.  You get it.  Perfect for the unfinished wine (if such a thing exists), the olive oil bottle, or the dish soap bottle. $6

Mens XL Austrian sweater.  The sweater you wanted to buy your dad 20 years ago in Europe but couldn't afford. You also didn't have the room in your backpack.  Available now in perfect condition. $60

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