Sunday, October 24, 2010

It takes family

My mom is the real cowgirl.  Luci rides quite well, but we haven't made the commitment to really riding.  Me, I'm the owner of the shop and I'm deathly allergic to horses, but I do love boots and timeless beautiful things.  I own Cowgirl Cash and rely on my mom and my daughter to help me with everything from finding boots, buckles, hats and jewelry to stamping logos on bags and making sales.  Cowgirl Cash is a store for all types of women.  Women who love to ride, women who love the outdoors, women who like things unique and different with a story or some "soul" to it.  I feel fortunate to have a business that allows me to work with my mom and my daughter.  It's a store we all share a piece of and learn something from. 

My friend Karen Cammack took these pictures recently of my mom and I Luci.  I wanted to share them.

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