Friday, June 4, 2010

Oregon Boot Trees

Sometimes it takes bad circumstances to take the leap into a new venture. The June 3 edition of the Business section of the Bend Bulletin had a story titled County's economic woes put under a microscope. The job and unemployment numbers are so bad in Deschutes County that a company has been hired to study why.

We can't wait for the study, and have decided to take a well used, practical, proven item developed for Cowgirl Cash and produce it for sale.
Voila, the birth of Oregon Boot Trees.

Oregon Boot Trees are made from reclaimed cotton fabric in beautiful retro prints, backed with burlap and filled with dried local juniper and locally grown lavender buds. The end result is a sturdy bean bag filler that fits into your boots to help them stand upright and keep their shape. Oregon Boot Trees keep your boots and your closet smelling like the sweet aroma of summer in the high desert.
In the photos above you have Oregon Boot Trees.
An elk boot with no Oregon Boot Tree.
The same vintage elk boot standing tall and fresh with an Oregon Boot Tree.

Oregon Boot Trees will be sold at Cowgirl Cash and at various craft fairs and bazaars. The cost is $25 per pair.

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