Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Downtown Dream Home

I went on Tuesday's MLS tour yesterday, June 9. What am I looking for? Good question. Here's my search criteria for my dream "gem" listing.

Style/ beauty (this is broken down to "potential" and existing)
Freedom (aka cc&r's. I don't want someone to monitor my chickens, my old trailer or my deer fencing around my garden)

That's it. Pretty simple. Access to trails falls into location. I've been writing about my real estate faves for 4 years now in different formats.
Yesterday, I walked into my dream house. As a disclaimer, I was wearing a carhart like cowgirl coat and a saucy western belt, and when I walked in another realtor said, "you like like you should live here." HUGE compliment. This house is not on property. It is downtown Bend!

Location 10...can you say ON the Deschutes river
Style 10... the chartreuse trim, cedar siding. and entry courtyard had me before I saw the interior and the layout.

Privacy 8.5... People on 10 acres would not think this house is private, but you could garden, entertain, and be comfortable in your house without closing blinds or talking to neighbors. The only problem would be the pesky river rafters gawking at your amazing house.

Freedom 10.... The skate ramp in front is an example of freedom. Riding your bike anywhere is an example of freedom, kayaking downtown is an example of freedom.
Practicality 9... I'm a sucker for one level living, but I could compromise for this house. The size was perfect, 4 bedrooms is practical, open living space, "away" spaces for kids to hang, study areas, storage. Yes, it was practical.

The downside of this house? The price, 1.5 million. Sometimes that's what dreams cost....
Call me for more details. My pictures don't tell the story. I was drawn to the chaps hanging from the ping pong table, the laundry/ mud room, the backyard. The living spaces were equally as stunning.

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