Saturday, October 6, 2012

Gutsy Woman

Laurie Piper from Redmond brought a deer in for a Tee measure on Friday, October 4. ( 39 inches) Laurie shot her deer on Sunday opening weekend of hunting season.  She had a tag in the Upper Deschutes unit.  She and her husband generally hunt in the Sisters area, but due to closures from the Pole Creek Fire they were forced to explore new country.  At 3:00 pm on Sunday, Laurie and her husband headed out Century Drive and turned off onto a Forest Service Road at about the 11 mile marker. She and her husband were not feeling very optimistic about their chances and weren't seeing any sign of deer.  They decided to head home.  As they were getting back into their Subaru a big buck crossed the road in front of them about 100 yards out.  Laurie pulled her 30-06 up to her shoulder and took a shot. It was a clean kill and the end to a successful hunt.  Thanks for sharing Laurie.  Enjoy your Cowgirl Cash tee shirt.

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