Thursday, October 27, 2011

Mistakes happen...

Cowgirl Cash is celebrating it's 2 year anniversary in our shop in downtown Bend this weekend. What perfect timing for a bit of a snafu and business blunder.  On Wednesday this week (my usual day off) I kept myself busy all day preparing for Friday's party at the store.  Carmel apples, candles, table coverings...check, check, check.  About 3:00, after not hearing from Burl all day I sent her a text.  "How's things". A few minutes later she answered back. "Good, how are you?".  I excitedly but as briefly as I could told her via text that I had watched Dr. Oz and Anderson for the first time ever!  A few minutes later she said..."um I'm not at the store". "Crap", was my response and I instantly remembered that Burl had asked for Wednesday off.

My range of emotions went from "crap", to guilt, to humorous, and finally ended with relief.  I felt relieved that I had created a business and a life that when mistakes happen, all hell doesn't break loose. My family and I live a relatively low stress life.  I was relieved to realize our lives are not like the lives of the people on Anderson Cooper . (They had to do a technology detox on farm with no electricity or plumbing.)

I apologize to anyone who came by Cowgirl Cash Wednesday, October 26 to sell gold, buy boots or pick up a gift.  Let me make it up to you.

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