Sunday, September 11, 2011

Big Bucks and Cowgirl Cash

My son Teddy turned 12 this summer.  He was also given a gun by his grandfather and encouraged to take an Oregon hunters safety course.  My husband and I obliged because Teddy seemed genuinely enthusiastic and my father was persistent. The class that worked best for us was in Redmond (about 25 miles from where we live) 2 days a week for three weeks, from 6:30-9:00 pm with a "field day" from 8-1:00 on a Saturday.  This was a commitment.

At the end of August after target practicing, a lengthy "draw" process that determines if you get a tag, Teddy headed out to desert with his grandparents. After three days of early morning and late afternoon hunts in the heat, Teddy shot an antelope.  He returned home feeling proud and accomplished with a story to tell. He posted on facebook about his triumph and a 6th grade classmate commented "that's mean"...Teddy's response was, "no, it's called success and providing food for the family".

I'm proud of Teddy's hard work and his understanding of where food comes from. I want to recognize the women in our community that also work hard and enjoy preparing for and participating in the hunt for the meat they eat.  Meat that is local, organic, and sustainable.  That is why Cowgirl Cash is again sponsoring a Big Buck Hunt.  This year however, the hunt is for woman only. Stay tuned for details.

Congratulations, Teddy.

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