Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I grew up in a family with two sayings we used frequently.  "The harder I try, the luckier I get", and "Luck is being prepared for an opportunity".  I guess that means I grew up in a family that doesn't believe in Luck.  We like it, we talk about, and we embrace it, but we work for it. 

I do often feel "lucky". I live in a beautiful community with my healthy happy family and everyday I go to a job that I created, that I feel good about.

The real luck however, comes when I'm looking for treasures to resell as authentic, practical, beautiful and ....affordable.  I spend time combing through racks, bins, garages, temporary tables looking for what I believe is a "find". 
This morning as I was pricing and cleaning and looking over my loot from yesterdays shopping, I felt really lucky....How did I find this great stuff?

Pendleton shirts, Born boots, a wool Schaefer men's vest, the perfect little leather bag, cool buckles, Double D Ranchwear sweater set, high fringe boots, the the most amazing Italian leather coat...all in perfect condition.

The harder I try, the luckier I get, I guess.

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