Sunday, August 15, 2010

Used boot sellers need summer vacations too...

What do you do when your dad has offered you a free 30 year old Prowler hunting trailer and a Ford pick up to borrow? You use it! 
Luci and I and Clyde getting ready to head to Crescent Lake.  The Prowler is yet to be painted in a sassy Cowgirl/ Sisters on the Fly-esque theme. It is however stocked with essentails for four days at the lake.

First stop Riverwoods Store to stock up on ice, gas, propane, and beer cozies that say things like
"this is the part where I nod and pretend that I care."

One quick stop in Lapine....

Home sweet home at Spring campground.

A bike ride around the lake was more than just beautiful....
Look what we saw!

An adolescent black bear sighting was a highlight of the trip.

Thanks to my great friends who make this annual mom's and kids camping trip a smashing success. xo

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