Thursday, July 1, 2010

Road trip with a dash of Brandi Carlile

If you haven't been to the Britt in Jacksonville, Oregon go there. If you don't own any Brandi Carlile, buy it. My crush with Brandi Carlile started in March when she performed at the Tower in Bend, and I took my first trip away from Cowgirl Cash and went to Sun Valley with my family. Brandi and her band found their way to the store via Bill a customer, a Bend resident, and the father of one of Brandi Carlile's friends. Got it? Anyway, I had to buy the music of the rock star that loved my store, and I was immediately hooked.
I recently took a Cowgirl Cash buying trip and added the concert for a dose of fun. My ticket was purchased by my 13 year old daughter for mothers day. I wished Luci was at the concert the whole time, but subjecting anyone to a Cowgirl Cash buying trip is not kind. Thrift stores, garage sales, and pawn shops, are part of the package, and it can be rigorous. It was work, with a side of concert.
I arrived nearly two hours before the show. The Britt allows you to come early with your own food and beverages. I brought my cooler, and a magazine and settled in. The people watching was fantastic, the breeze and the shade was pleasant, and the music they had playing ranged from Bob Dillon to Ray LaMontagne. The Executive Director of the Britt introduced the title sponsor 1859 and welcomed everyone. It was a nice touch, got the audience engaged and kicked off a fabulous night. Right before Brandi came on a woman came by wearing a concert tee shirt. I commented on it, and before I knew it she was offering me a ticket "she hated to see go to waste". My lawn seats were pretty good, so I asked "how good", and she said "really good."
That's how I ended up front and center at Brandi Carlile.

The band came out and sang "Oh Dear" together...they all sang in perfect harmony...the whole band! At the end of the show a group of Bendites converged near the cd, tee shirt table. Among us was Bill, and his daughter wearing VIP passes and waiting to head back stage to visit Brandi. I handed them a Cowgirl Cash tee-shirt and asked them to pass on my adoration and the Cowgirl Cash swag.

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