Friday, May 14, 2010

The Cowgirl Cash Story

The story of Cowgirl Cash is an autobiography of my life. I didn't realize it until I started putting words to paper. I grew up in Bend, OR. and had the benefit of having my granparents 13 miles down the road in Redmond. At my granparents I helped my grandpa irrigate his fields, feed and brush the horses, and searched for arrowheads in the canyon below where they lived. My Grandma spent her time cooking and sewing and I loved my time and my "lessons" with her as well. My grandparents were from the depression era and were frugal and thrifty. They chopped their own wood, had a garden, hunted each fall for deer and ate and used what they grew, cut or killed.

My mom is the cowgirl. She was was on horse by the time she was four and lived the small town, small farm life that included 4-H and Queen of the rodeo. I grew up with her stories and photos and of course, her cool memorabilia. Old pointy toed boots, jean jackets with huge patches on the back, big cool belt buckles and sparlky crowns. The things she and my grandparents held on to were real and authentic. Tooled leather, engraved silver and brass, made in the USA.

As I've grown older and had my own life experiances: jobs, possessions, losses and gains, I have a new appreciation for the items of this bygone day. The swag from this generation was not disposable. You didn't buy it for effect, wear it once and throw it out.

Cowgirl Cash is the story of who I am combined with what I love...fresh air, western living, beautiful things, practical things, authenticity. There is no formula for Cowgirl Cash. If an item evokes an emotion or has value in its uses or craftmanship it qualifies. Cowgirl Cash is not precious. Items in my store are meant to be used and are priced to sell. Come see me and tell me your story.
rebecca charlton, owner of Cowgirl Cash

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