Monday, May 31, 2010

Cowgirl Cash Likes Bands of Horses

When I heard Band of Horses was coming to the Les Schwab amphitheater my attention was piqued. Horses? I like Horses. Cowgirl Cash just donated $300 to a band of wild horses.

I marched on down to my neighbors at Ranch Records and bought the only cd they had...Cease to Begin. Since then my husband has played it steadily at home and I have it on the playlist at the store. It was Memorial Day weekend so when we bought the tickets we planned on puffy coats and hats. Instead of cold, we got rain. If you were there, you know. It was real rain for Dawes, She and Him, and into Band of Horses. The warmest, driest, place to be was as close to the stage as possible with the raving fans. The band was not a disappointment. The mom in me detected a strained voice for Birdwell and fatigue among the band (that and Scott informed they had played 2 shows in San Francisco the day before and had been opening for Eddie Veder.) Despite that, this Seattle band was a joy to see rain or shine. They seemed to appreciate the fireworks the Old Mill planned at the perfect, "let's wrap this up" time.

Ben D. Bridwell commented that he felt bonded to our town with his name.

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