Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Cowgirl boots and cowgirl properties

It was seven months ago that I took my "sabbatical" from real estate and opened my Western Vintage Boutique, Cowgirl Cash. I love my store and the clients that continually support me and refer me to friends and strangers. In the meantime, I decided to maintain my real estate license, and became the principal broker of Cowgirl Properties. No, I'm not listing and selling, but I can't help but look at the tour sheet that arrives in my e-mail Monday afternoon for Tuesday mornings MLS tour. Real Estate is in my blood and I do love fantastic properties, so I've begun, visiting listings that truly do seem like "gems". This farm house on 19 acres with an extra garage and a green house and a pond called to me this week. It helped that the listing agent was my dear friend Jeanne Turner from the Hasson Company. If prices really are down 23% in Bend from a year ago (which makes our market one of the worst in the country) we must be getting close to the bottom, right? What does the perfect little urban farm, close to town, but very quiet where you can raise your chickens, grow your garden and let your dogs and kids run cost right now? According to Jeanne, this 5 bedroom home, that might need a bit of up work costs $655,000. Still too much for this daydreaming vintage boot seller, looking to grow lavender, but it was worth a look. Stay tuned for more intriguing properties.

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